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Paperback - 140 pages (June, 2002) Llumina Press; ISBN:1932047093 Dimensions (in inches): 0.32 x 8.00 x 5.00

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The story and characters are fictional, but the lessons on life and flying are real.

          Wings of Discovery offers a glimpse into the life of a man who struggles to overcome the fear of flying. Along the way he makes mysterious new friends who help him build his own small plane and teach him how to fly. Through some exciting and challenging adventures, the character faces his fears and learns about aviation and the importance of pursuing his passions.

        "The book is powerful, memorable, and priceless. What I truly found amazing was how it made such an interesting story out of a lesson on flight. This is by no means boring. I'll most likely read it again and again."

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          Many people are comparing Wings of Discovery with Richard Bach's popular classic, Illusions. A great blend of the art and science of flight, Wings of Discovery explores the myths and fears that can haunt us all. Join us to discover some of life's secrets on the ground and in the air. You're number one for takeoff! Fasten your seatbelt and place your tray table in the upright position, this book is a fast paced entertaining read.

        "I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wings of Discovery and found it not only highly informative, but extremely entertaining and interesting too. I really admire the style and ease that emanates from the writing, making it easy for even someone who is not familiar with the technical aspects of flying to understand."


          The book is packed with behind-the-scenes information about the airline industry and the magical wonder of flight. The author captures the spectacular feeling of flying and shares an appreciation of nature's simple beauties while providing technical information in an interesting and entertaining fashion. Wings of Discovery will appeal to not only those who fly, but everyone who wants to get the most out of life!

What if you could fly free like a bird - inherently understanding the wind, the sky, and your own feathered wings? Look into the eyes of an eagle, you will not see fear.

Book Review: Wings of Discovery
December 2, 2002 -- Inspirational Fiction
By: Judine Slaughter, eBook Reviews Weekly

Description: An exhilarating flight

Most of us have heard the saying, "There's nothing to fear, but fear itself." Although the rhetoric sounds good, to actually put it to use is a completely different story. Fear can stop someone from experimenting with new activities, eating exotic foods, and traveling to foreign lands. But once you overcome the fear, you will most likely discover joy. This joy comes from the accomplishment of breaking the imaginary chains of thought which held you hostage.

Wings of Discovery helps to clip those chains of fear. The premise of the book is about the overcoming the fear of flying. Although his father was a pilot, Mark succumbs to a horrendous phobia about flying. Then one day, he spots two ultralight planes having "fun" in the air. While the planes land, Mark tracks them in his car and introduces himself to the pilots. This marks the beginning of his adventure -- pursing his passion, following his dream and conquering his fear.

Capt. Stacey L. Chance introduces the reader to a wealth of information about how the Federal Aviation Administration ensures the safety of aircraft. He also entertains by intermingling his vivid descriptions of the landscapes and scenery when his characters take flight. I felt as if I soared through the air, and watched as the coyote ran to keep up with the plane. For anyone really interested in learning to fly, I learned that airplane kits are available. I definitely recommend Wings of Discovery for anyone who wants to learn more about aviation, and who those who allow their fears to hinder them from soaring to new dimensions.

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5 stars
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Pursue Your Passions
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Wings of Discovery

Table of Contents

           Chapter   1    White Knuckles
           Chapter   2    The Encounter
           Chapter   3    Possessed
           Chapter   4    Dreamland
           Chapter   5    Building Trust
           Chapter   6    Testing Limits
           Chapter   7    Higher Learning
           Chapter   8    The Odyssey
           Chapter   9    Blindsided
           Chapter  10   Slipping Away
                    Epilogue - FAQ

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Wings of Discover

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